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Baggage Limits

Published   Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Baggage Limits

Baggage Services
Items Unacceptable as Baggage

Items specified in the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Dangerous Goods Regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), items the carriage of which are prohibited by the laws, regulations or orders of the People’s Republic of China, or items which are likely to endanger the aircraft or people or property on the aircraft as specified in the Regulation of CEAIR.
A Passenger shall not place in his/her Baggage or carry on to the cabin the following items, or otherwise CEAIR will refuse to provide carriage to the Passenger:
Items that do not constitute Baggage (“Baggage” means such articles and other personal property of a Passenger as are necessary or appropriate for wear, use, comfort or convenience in connection with his/her trip, including both Checked Baggage and Carry-on Baggage of the Passenger.)Conditions;
  1. Dangerous goods (including without limitation): (a) Explosives; (b) Gas, including flammable gas, inflammable and nontoxic gas, and toxic gas; (c) Flammable liquid; (d) Flammable solid, spontaneous combustible substance; substance that will release flammable gas in contact with water; (e) Oxidizer and organic peroxide; (f) Toxic substance and infectious substance; (g) Radioactive substance; (h) Corrosive substance; (i) Miscellaneous dangerous goods.
  2. Firearms, ammunition, military or police instruments (including main spare parts of such instruments), excluding those in compliance with the provisions. The specific carrier transport provisions shall govern. If you have any questions, please call 95530 for enquiry;
  3. Controlled Knives;
  4. Items prohibited from exiting from, entering into, or transiting in, relevant countries according to laws, regulations or orders of such countries.;
  5. Baggage that does not constitute the carriage conditions because of the Baggage package, shape, weight, size or volume, or fragile or damageable items (excluding those with prior approval for transportation) during the flight because of their nature or packaging that are not suitable for air transport (such as a suitcase with an alarm device);
  6. Items whose loading and transportation requirements cannot be met in the flight process in terms of size, weight, nature, temperature or oxygen supply; 
  7. Electronic products or communication equipment that have an impact on the piloting instruments during flight; 
  8. Living animals, wild animals and/or animals that have strange shapes or are easy to hurt others (such as snakes), excluding the small animals and service dogs that are in accordance with the transport provisions; 
  9. Perishable goods with an obvious smell, or substances that have a narcotic, unpleasant or other similar nature; 
  10. Items that are easy to lead to damages or stains to the aircraft; 
  11. Li-ion batteries or battery packs higher than 160 Wh; 
  12. Other prohibited items stipulated as unsuitable for being transported as Baggage by the state laws, regulations and company regulations. 
Restricted Items
Items only allowed to be transported as Checked Baggage which shall not be brought into the cabin:Items allowed as Carry-on BaggageItems that cannot be transported as Checked Baggage but only as Carry-on Baggage
1. Non-controlled blunt, sharp and similar items can be transported as Checked Baggage, but the packaging should be appropriate; the above-mentioned items shall not be brought into the cabin;1. Personal life or entertainment, human-assisting apparatus and electronic devices;1. Currencies; negotiable notes, securities and bills of exchange; 
2. Gun replicas toys;2. Diplomatic pouches;2. Fragile or damageable items; perishable goods;
3. Baggage with a declared value, Baggage exempt from obligation for carriage, large-size Baggage, low-density (light and puffy) Baggage;3. Service dogs, including guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs;3. Jewelry; precious metals and their products, gold and silver products; antique calligraphy and paintings; out-of-print videos, publications or manuscripts; samples or other valuables
4. Small animals that are allowed by the provisions (excluding service dogs)4. Seat-occupying Baggage;4. Important documents and materials, diplomatic pouches; travel documents;
5. Sports guns and ammunition or arms required for carriage by government official personnel on duty;5. Folding portable stroller (for Passengers with babies);5. Computers and accessories, personal communication equipment and accessories, personal digital devices and accessories;
6. Bicycles, golf equipment, skiing or water skiing equipment, bowling equipment, fishing gears, surfing boards or windsurfers, kayaks, paragliders and poles;6. Auxiliary equipment for Passengers with a disability (excluding battery-powered equipment)6. Other items requiring special care, as well as prescription drugs for regular intake
7. Sharp or blunt instruments other than controlled items.7. Medicine required during the travel7. Li-ion batteries or battery packs higher than 100 Wh but lower than 160 Wh, only allowed as a Carry-on Baggage. Each Passenger can only carry two pieces of the Li-ion batteries or battery packs and the protective measures that conform to transportation safety requirements of the civil aviation authority and the company should be taken.
8. Anti-corrosion dry ice.

Restricted Items on Carriage
  1. Precise instrument, electronics, metals or batch objects shall be carried as cargo. Free Baggage Allowance does not apply to such items.
  2. Sports equipment, including guns and ammunition for sports;
  3. Dry ice, alcoholic beverages, and smoking sets, drugs or cosmetics used by Passengers in the travel;
  4. Diplomatic pouches and confidential files; 
  5. Sharp or blunt instruments other than the controlled knives, such as kitchen knives, table-knives, fruit knives, craft knives, scalpels, scissors as well as steel files, awls, axes, cudgels and hammers should be placed in Checked Baggage for transport; 
  6. Small animals and service dogs that are allowed by the provisions, excluding aggressive dogs and small animals of short-snouted cats or dogs; 
  7. Folding wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs used by Passengers in the travel; 
  8. Liquid items carried by Passengers; 
  9. Items not suitable for transportation in the aircraft cargo hold, such as delicate musical instruments and items that do not meet the provisions (on weight or volume), should be taken into the cabin as seat-occupying Baggage. Such items should be paid separately and kept by the Passengers themselves;
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